Conference Workshops

The 5 workshops offered by Infrastructure Resources in 2020 were set to be immersive (full or half day) educational experiences where you learn practical strategies and gain comprehensive knowledge from recognized industry experts. Workshops prices vary and pre-registration is required. Workshops can be purchased as an enhancement to your Full Conference Registration or as a standalone experience. 

Tuesday, March 23

9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Ron Peterson

This workshop focuses on the required elements of a successful damage investigation. Setting the stage for a valid root cause investigation and following standard investigative procedures are vital to an effective analysis of a damage. Topics covered include asset protection, revenue / loss recovery, ethics and other ingredients needed to perform accurate and timely root cause investigations.

Pre-registration is required. Box lunch included in cost.

Wednesday, March 24

10:00 am  – 5:00 pm
Troy De Souza

This full day training course meets the NUCLA “Competencies for the GPR Technician” curriculum. The objective is to ensure that the user demonstrates knowledge, skill, and understanding in applying GPR safely and professionally to locate utilities. Topics include GPR theory, factors affecting target detection, how GPR compliments traditional EM locating, application of Line Scan and Grid Scans, hands-on equipment setup and data collection, data interpretation, and case studies.

Pre-registration is required. Box lunch included in cost.

Below are other workshops that were offered in 2020:

Utility Locator Skills Enhancement
Not only is this skills training workshop a great introductory session and a valuable career-building tool for the novice locator, the workshop was designed to challenge and expand the knowledge base of even the most seasoned of pros on the art of underground line locating and marking. This two-fold training workshop begins with a live classroom training session with comprehensive animated slide presentations, lively discussions, and a supporting workbook loaded with reference materials and classroom activities. The classroom session is followed by hands-on instruction performed outdoors where a variety of conventional and not-so-conventional equipment is placed in the hands of the workshop participants. 

Locating Theory Demystified!
Have you ever looked at someone locating and wondered what the heck is going on? Whether you are a locator, work with locating personnel, or are just curious about locating you will benefit from seeing and using the latest in locating technology as accurate locating is crucial to damage prevention. This workshop explores the principles of locating, the role locating plays in safe excavation, and includes hands-on use of equipment. With classroom training on locating basics and hands-on training, students will be able to experience using various pieces of equipment in different settings. Several locate equipment manufacturers will provide equipment and tips on how to get an accurate locate, including using ground penetrating radar (GPR).

Safe4 Culture Changer Program: Improve Your Safety Culture through an Effective Safety Campaign
Built upon the foundation of the “Safe 4 the Right Reasons” safety message, this workshop is an organized, planned and proven method of improving a company’s safety culture. Most companies don’t have a lack of desire, dedication or even funding to keep their employees safe, what they often lack is a plan. This workshop addresses the ineffective approach that consists of sporadic events, lack of consistency and commitment resulting in the “flavor of the day” safety effort that results in meager results. Let’s face it we are Safety Marketers – we are attempting to influence our employees and drive them to want what we are offering, being safe both on and off the job,so they can continue to take care of their families and loved ones.

Workshop Registration includes:

  • Tuesday Welcome Reception
  • Access to the Exhibit Hall
  • Wednesday Breakfast
  • New Technology Forums
  • Outdoor Demo Fair