2023 Global Locate Masters

The World’s Best Locate Technicians Compete for International Recognition

The Global Locate Masters takes skills competition to a next level! This unique competition tests the abilities of top locate technicians from around the world using UTTO’s VR simulators. These simulators create complex locate experiences in an immersive environment that challenge a technician’s training, skill, experience and the attention to detail required for a successful locate.

The competition allows technicians the unprecedented opportunity to showcase their skills in front of a live audience of peers and industry leaders and evaluates their performance against other competitors. The competition recognizes, rewards, and shined a spotlight on the world’s best utility locating professionals by putting on display the years of experience, critical thinking, and mental agility each competitor brings to complete quality locates in a timely manner.

To the Winner Goes the Spoils

The top performer of the 2023 Global Locate Masters holds the title of Global Locate Masters champion and spokesperson until next year’s competition. This honor includes interviews for magazine features, publicity quotes in social media to promote excellence in locating, and recognition of this achievement, along with company recognition, in all 2023 media coverage associated with the Global Locate Masters.

The Setting: Global ESC 2023

An Expo pass to the Global Excavation Safety Conference is provided to competitors as part of their registration for the Global Locate Masters, giving them access to equipment manufacturers, industry leaders, important resources and product demonstrations that will help improve performance in the field. All competitors are invited to the Wednesday night networking where Global Locate Masters prizes will be awarded in a special ceremony. Upgrade to Conference access for unique educational and networking opportunities at a deeply discounted price only available to competitors.

Global Locate Masters is held at the Global Excavation Safety Conference in Tampa, Florida, February 14-16, 2023.

The 2022 Winner - Pat Bellacero

Congratulations to Pat Bellacero of Mule Services, the 2022 Global Locate Masters Champion. Pat holds the title of Global Locate Masters champion, becomes the spokesperson until next year’s competition, and will have his name engraved on the official GLM trophy! This honor includes interviews for magazine features, publicity quotes in social media to promote excellence in locating, and recognition of this achievement, along with company recognition, in all 2022 media coverage associated with the Global Locate Masters. 

Pat is an incredible spokesperson for the utility locating profession. Not only does he bring a passion for the craft to the field, but his excellence also clearly shines through in his performance. Perhaps most telling is the fact that Pat had not previously used the UTTO Virtual Locate Simulator prior to the event. That speaks to the transferability of Pat’s skills and the quality of the simulator experience.

“At first, I was hesitant to compete. Locating is my profession and passion. I was encouraged to enter by my boss at Mule Services. The VR setup was amazing. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it really felt like a field locate. As in a normal locate, procedures had to be followed. I was super excited, and it was a great feeling.”

Pat Bellacero, Mule Services


Employers are encouraged to nominate employees who exemplify excellence in locating. 

Not all of the world’s most skilled and responsible locators have the opportunity compete in regional or international locating competitions. Employers who feel their locate technician(s) represent the best combination of skill, accuracy consistency, and passion for the job are encouraged to nominate them for consideration.

Employer nomination qualifications are at the discretion of the employer. A short description of the nominated employee(s) and the excellent work they do.

Nominate a locator HERE

Compete in a scheduled regional Global Locate Masters qualifying events or organize your own event!

Internal Companywide Event

Company hosted events offer a special opportunity for employers to let their best and brightest employees compete for the honor of representing their company at the Global Locate Masters. The skills locate technicians use every day in the field can be tested and flexed to the extreme using UTTO’s locate simulators. 

Internal competitions can be a great team building challenge for technicians who often work alone or on small teams. 

Local Qualifying Event

Regional locate competitions makes a spectacular addition to any industry function. Locate technicians are given the opportunity to showcase their skills, and other attendees are given the rare chance to see how locating really works. 

Benefits of Using UTTO’s Virtual Locate Simulator

  • Competition held within event space
  • Multiple technicians can complete at the same time
  • Crowds can gather, adding fun and education to any event
  • Eliminates weather delays or cancellations
  • Eliminates the need to find an appropriate field of play
  • Complies with social distancing guidelines

UTTO simulators are available for purchase or rental. Contact Jeanne at UTTO for more details. 239.313.9350 / jeanne@utto.com

The top 3 placers at an official International Locate Rodeo competition (national or regional) qualify to compete at Global Locate Masters. Keep tabs on upcoming International Locate Rodeo events and opportunities by following along on Facebook.

Questions regarding the qualification process via International Locate Rodeos can be directed to Levi at levi@ir-savinglives.com

All interested technicians, conference delegates, and members of the public may compete to qualify onsite at the Global Excavation Safety Conference.

This option gives those who may not have had the opportunity to compete in a qualifying event to pit their skills against competitors. Onsite qualification take place at the Tampa Bay Convention Center, home of the Global Excavation Safety Conference, Monday, February 13, 2022. 

Stay tuned for additional information on competition registration and qualification by visiting this page and signing up for Global ESC email updates