Standardized Ticket Formats

Sher Kirk, Utility Safety Partners

Standardized Ticket Formats

Damage prevention is an endeavour with many moving parts and many stakeholders. Standardization creates a common language that reduces the link of misinterpretation. Best practices, industry standards, regulation, and safety controls are ways of cleaning up potentially dangerous inconsistencies and finding more efficient, cost-effective ways to share information among stakeholders.
Sher was told creating a standard ‘one-call’ ticket format was an impossibility. In 2018 she set out to prove them wrong and led a group of industry professionals to successfully align the business rules and ticket formats of the four western Canadian One-Call centres. In this session, she’ll talk about the why, the challenges in the process, and what we have learned in the last three years about standard ticket formats.

Date: Thursday, March 3

Start Time:  3:30 pm

End Time:  4:15 pm

Track(s): Notification Center


Sher Kirk has been in a leadership role at Utility Sasfety Partners since 2005, and applies the lessons learned through 20 years in Damage Prevention to her current role as Operations Director. She is a champion of the Call or Click Before You Dig damage prevention process and promotes safety success through partnership, communication and cooperation among all stakeholders.

As the Chair of the Canadian One-Call Centres Committee and a Board Member of the Canadian Common Ground Alliance (CCGA), Sher provides a voice for One Call services on a national level and was instrumental in the development of the national “” portal.  Sher actively works towards harmonization and standardization of damage prevention practices through her involvement as Vice-Chair of the technical advisory committee for CSA Z247, as a member of the CCGA Best Practices Committee, and in her role as the Project Manager of the Business Rules Alignment Group (Western Canada).

When not at work, Sher can typically be found cheering on a favourite hockey or football team, taking time for a good book or playing with her two giant rescue dogs. She dreams of happy days to come when she can take up traveling again.

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