Bad Side of Town

Jack Jackson, SafeStart

Bad Side of Town

Have you ever noticed how being on the bad side of town heightens your awareness level? Whether you’ve had a bad experience, or by reputation alone, there’s an overwhelming urge for self-preservation. Can this awareness level be applied to recognizing your state of mind when a workplace injury occurs? Explore the signs that you are on the bad side of town at work when it comes to injuries and use the tools provided in this session to manage those states.

Date: Wednesday, March 2

Start Time:  4:00 pm

End Time:  4:45 pm

Track(s): Electric, Oil/Gas, Notification Center, Water/Sewer


William “Jack” Jackson attended Lincoln University where he earned a B.S. in Mechanical Technology and was a 3 year letterman on the university’s football team. While attending Lincoln he completed Basic Training in Fort Knox, Kentucky. He holds a Masters of Divinity from Rockbridge Seminary.

Jack’s experience has given him the ability to relate to any audience. His career included working in production, operations and safety at Johnson Controls for 19 years, followed by seeing Avanzar Interior Technologies through the safety phase of new construction. In addition to developing a safety program, he also developed a conditioning program to prepare team members to become industrial athletes.

Coach Jack as he is affectionately known, worked with two semi-professional football teams for 6 years and was named NAFL defensive coordinator of the year 2003. Jack used his experience on the field to develop a safety concept that teaches participants of his courses that “safety is always first.”

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