Believe in Safety

Brandon Schroeder, Safety Speaker

Believe in Safety

Everyone makes decisions about safety and many of them in an instant. The wrong safety habits make it easier to make wrong decisions that are impossible to undo. Brandon Schroeder survived an arc flash explosion that should have killed him. Listen to Brandon as he recounts the tragedy and discusses the contributing factors and how it all could have been avoided. Brandon discusses the small decisions that happen every day on the job site and how his decisions affected him and everyone around him. This presentation leaves attendees with a stronger understanding and respect for doing the job correctly and safely.

Date:  Wednesday, March 2

Start Time:  4:00 pm

End Time:  4:45 pm

Track(s): Electric


Believe In Safety is quickly becoming a top ranked motivational safety presentation that is changing the landscape of safety presentations nationwide. Brandon Schroeder takes his audience on a journey from his quintessential life the day of the accident through his agonizing recovery, unavoidable depression, and ultimately accepting his situation and persevering.

Brandon’s raw emotion and relatable nature commands resonance of his message, Believe In Safety. One of the most valued aspects of Brandon’s story is the full disclosure of his pre-accident mindset; he discusses the realities of the safety culture on the job and how this led him to that fateful day. He vividly describes how this accident changed not only his life, but the lives of those that love him.

Through his 20 years of electrical and safety experience, Brandon has worked on and toured hundreds of job sites through every aspect of industry, construction, and municipality and utility. We look forward to working with you to compel your company to live by Brandon’s mission that we all must Believe In Safety.


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