Innovations Target Reducing Underground Utility Damage During Construction

Geoff Zeiss, Between the Poles

Innovations Target Reducing Underground Utility Damage During Construction

Damage to underground utilities during construction represents a significant risk to the public and is a major cause of construction project delays and budget overruns. Annual fatalities attributable to underground utility damage are comparable to those resulting from commercial aviation incidents and costs society billions of dollars. In North America there are about 400,000 reported incidents of utility damage every year, the Netherlands sees about 41,000, but in Japan, there were only 134 utility damages in 2016! Why? In this session, Geoff will describe international initiatives taking place in the UK, US, Netherlands and Belgium, that are seeking to reduce the number of incidents of underground utility damage and reduce risk during construction.

Date: Tuesday, March 1

Start Time:  11:00 am

End Time:  11:45 am

Track(s): Engineer, Excavator, GIS, Locate


Geoff Zeiss tracks the contribution of geospatial technology to the digitization of construction, operation and maintenance of energy, building and transportation infrastructure. For over ten years Geoff was responsible for thought leadership, evangelization, and industry messaging for the utility industry program at Autodesk. In recognition of his efforts to increase the awareness of geospatial data and technologies in utilities and construction, Geoff received the Geospatial Ambassador Award at Geospatial World Forum 2014. He has actively supported open standards and is a director of the Open Geospatial Consortium.

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