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Educational sessions are offered by professional speakers and industry experts who share their time and experience to increase industry knowledge on damage prevention, public awareness, and other related topics. In addition, interactive industry-focused summits impanel industry leaders to address major issues and explore potential solutions. Conference registration required to participate in all education sessions and summits. 

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We thank these organizations for their collaborative efforts in developing content for their respective industries.  Look for these logos indicating sessions that have been endorsed by them.

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With 80+ Conference sessions developed and presented by industry experts, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which topics best fit your individual educational needs. To help you determine the best fit, our sessions are categorized based on industry. We recognize the value of cross-discipline training and Full Conference delegates are always welcome to attend any session. Use the Education Table above to filter for session tracks that apply to you. Select one or more and the table will show you all sessions that apply. 

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Global ESC Summits

Electric Safety Summit

Sponsored by

Moderator: Cliff Meidl

Fiber Optic Asset Protection Summit

Sponsored by

Moderator: Chris McDermott, AT&T


  • Andrea Stainback, Lumen

Notification Center Summit

Sponsored by

Moderator: Bruce Campbell, MISS DIG 811/FNCA

Water & Sewer Infrastructure Protection Summit

Sponsored by


Pipeline Safety & Awareness Summit

Sponsored by

Moderator: Kesley Tweed, PAPA

Excavator Perspective Summit

Moderator: Jerry Hoover, Badger Daylighting

Global Locate Summit

Sponsored by

Moderator: Ron Peterson, Nulca