Due to the cancellation of the Global Excavation Safety Conference for COVID-19-related concerns, Damage Prevention Week and 'Leading Practices on Cross Bore Safety Course' is moving to a virtual environment. Please check back soon to learn how to register for this virtual event.

Leading Practices on Cross Bore Safety Course

March 23, 2021

Learn how to prevent cross bores to save money and save lives!

Created to provide underground utility operators, contractors, and service providers guidance for minimizing utility conflicts due to cross bore strikes, this course covers a wide range of cross bore safety topics, from the evaluation of existing cross cores to regulatory requirements.

The increased use of trenchless excavation technologies has increased potential for cross bores. CBSA brought together locating services, manufacturers, utility owners, contractors, and industry consultants to create high quality standards, guidelines, and best practices for cross bore safety.

Who should attend?

  • Utility program managers for cross bore risk
  • Damage prevention managers
  • Construction project managers
  • Construction damage prevention/safety managers
  • Service provider managers for utility cross bore inspection projects
  • Regulators for rates and regulators for safety
  • Risk managers/liability insurance managers

Earn up to 8 credit hours with the Advanced Course, including the Cross Bore Safety Summit and THREE additional Cross Bore Sessions as part of Global Excavation Safety Conference.


Tuesday, March 23

8:00 amIntroduction of Speakers and Course Goals
8:10 am Identifying, quantifying & evaluating risk of existing cross bores
  • The start of trenchless technologies: materials, knowledge, drawings
  • Record review of past damages – mining data for cross bore indicators
  • 8:30 am System Integrity
  • Regulatory requirements
  • The cost of proactive approaches
  • Protecting the enterprise value of utility and installers
  • Prioritizing work to maximize risk reduction
  • 8:45 am Legal Access to Private Property Challenge
    9:00 am Legacy inspection planning
    9:45 am Break
    10:00 am New Construction Planning & Performing
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Defining utility, installer and inspection processes
  • Cross bore risk after new construction relative to timeline
  • 10:45 am Public outreach
  • Education
  • Call Before You Clear
  • Municipal permitting
  • Private access permission
  • 11:00 am QAQC Process integration into planning, installation and verification/Metrics
    11:30 am Sharing data for multiple benefits
    11:45 am Summary of elements for cross bore prevention
    12:00 pm Lunch with trainer-facilitated discussions
    1:00 pm Opening session Global Excavation Safety Conference

    Leading Practices on Cross Bore Safety Basic Course:    $395

    • 5 Credit hours
    • Access to the entire CBSA schedule of events
    • Includes expo access to Global Excavation Safety Conference
    • Wednesday Night Networking Event, Golf, and Meal tickets can be purchased

    Leading Practices on Cross Bore Safety Advance Course:

    Now - 8/118/12 - 9/3010/01 - 12/311/1/21 - 3/21/213/22 & Onsite
    $1,106 $1,206 $1,306 $1,406 $1,506

    The Advanced course includes all deliverables from the basic course and FULL ACCESS to all Global Excavation Safety Conference events and activities.

    • SAVE $100
    • 8 Credit hours, with attendance of Cross Bore Safety Summit and 3 cross bore presentations
    • Access to the entire CBSA schedule of events
    • Access to the entire Global ESC schedule of events, including Wednesday Night Networking Event and provided meals
    • Golf can be purchased

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