2021 CAMO Annual Meeting

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Join CAMO (Coastal and Marine Operators) as they explore the issues and challenges in preventing spills, releases and damage to coastal and marine pipelines which negatively impact the environment and public safety. This event is open to everyone, but space is limited, so register early. 

Topics Include:
* New Excavation Best Practices for Underwater Utilities and Pipelines
* Accident Prevention
* Job Site Safety Evaluation
* Asset Security
* Emergency Response
* Training and Resources

Held in conjunction with the Global Excavation Safety Conference, the CAMO Annual Meeting is open to all stakeholders.

CAMO is an organization of pipelines who work together with the Coast Guard, Marine excavators, etc. to prevent damage to pipelines in navigable waterways. The CAMO 2021 annual meeting and damage prevention workshop will take place at the 2021 Global Excavation Safety Conference. Join us for 3-4 hours Tuesday morning to discuss safe excavation practices in navigable waterways. 

Lunch is provided to all who register